Data Indexing Services

Your information is a resource. Being able to access it quickly and easily is essential to make sure that you get the most value out of it.

Document Vault Systems take great care to:

  • Data Indexing ServicesMake sure that filenaming conventions are meaningful to you and that they correspond with any paper indexing system that you already deploy. Ideally, each document should be able to exist outside of the document tree with it being immediately apparent where in the logical hierarchy of the documents that file belongs.
  • Add "meta data", descriptive terms that help define what type of document it is, when it was created, by whom etc. to help in the subsequent retrieval of that document via a search of the database.
  • Index all the words that are contained within a document so that document's name will be returned in any relevant search of the document repository.
  • Make sure that the electronic document index corresponds exactly with your existing index of paper documents, that it is complete and accurate.

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