Data room for insurance sector

This UK based insurance company wanted a sale with the potential buyers based in UK and USA.

The Challenge

"The main challenge was to find a system that could allow access to multiple parties, none of whom should be aware of each other. Security was essential – we needed to control what the various interested parties could see. We also needed to be able to track what individual users had looked at. And be confident that there would be no leak of the potential transaction."

What We Needed

"We needed a system that would be available 24/7 for interested parties to access the information. It is also important that we could limit what individual users could see to certain documents only."

"The volume of data and size of transaction was relatively small so cost was a key feature."

What We Got

"It was spot on."

The Benefits

"It's difficult to see how we could have achieved the objectives without a virtual dataroom  within the timescales or without significant manual efforts."

The Service

"Chris (Document Vault Systems) was the model of helpfulness and was very flexible when needed."

The Result

"Did its job and transaction completed."

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