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Document Vault has multiple data security features controlling access to the information stored in the system. Data security is of paramount importance for all companies carrying out due diligence or storing confidential data. We are the leading UK provider of virtual data rooms, having provided services since 2006. We have delivered an excellent service to a variety of sectors including law firms, investment brokers, insurance companies, property companies and public sector organisations.

Main points:

UK Hosted Solutions - All our virtual data rooms are located in UK-based ISO 27001 and 9001 accredited data centres. We guarantee 99.9% uptime of our servers. Only Document Vault Systems authorised personnel have access to our servers.

Data encrypted at rest and during transfer - All data is encrypted before being stored, and protected by 256-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption during transfer to and from the website.

Legally Binding Contract - Users of the data room are first required to sign your "Terms and Conditions of data room Use" and "Confidentiality Agreement" before being given access to the virtual data room. Once they have signed this they will be given a username and password unique to that person.

Define User Groups - Only the people that you send to this registration page will complete the sign up process. Notification of new users who have signed up will be sent to your designated administrator by email. New users will not be assigned to a group until an administrator manually changes this setting in the data room. Thus new users will not see any confidential information until they have been assigned to a group.

Define Permissions - Access to folders and files is controlled via Group permissions – you can control who can see which files in the secure data room. If a file or folder is not intended to be viewed then the user will not be aware of its existence. You can also control what individual users can do, for example:

  • View, upload or download files in the data room.
  • Create folders or rename them.
  • Delete information.
  • Manage Security.

Full Disclosure - A full audit trail of documents viewed or downloaded is provided. You can see who has downloaded which documents and when.

Information Request Centre - Communication between Buyer and Seller managed via a secure messaging application, removing the need to communication via less-secure means such as email.

User Access - We can also provide 2-factor authentication on entering the virtual data room.

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