Experts In Secure Document Management Since 2006

Document Vault Systems have expertise in secure virtual data rooms dating back to 2006, offering services to the very many organisations worldwide needing access to secure online document management. We also offer a wealth of experience in IT, Internet security, applications development, systems integration and data capture solutions.

We have helped numerous clients in the UK and internationally with the set up and management of their data rooms. We offer a fully managed service. Our clients include law firms, investment brokers, insurance companies, property companies (real estate), oil and gas firms, mining companies, solar energy companies, together with public sector organisations.

We understand how to deliver virtual data rooms. We have been building VDRs since 2006, when we were asked to provide a secure facility for the sale of Hastings Direct. Since then we have managed numerous data rooms for clients in a wide range of market sectors, covering many different functions:

  • Legal and financial sectors - M&A transactions (acquisitions, disposals, management buyouts etc).
  • Property sector - sale of properties, with multiple potential buyers having access to the data room (but not being aware of each other).
  • Local Government -sharing information with corporate partners and stake holders.
  • Renewable energy sector - management of client information by solar energy companies.
  • Oil & Gas - sale of oil & gas assets by global corporations.
  • Corporate information systems for both large and small companies.
  • Knowledge management in public sector organisations.
  • Public enquiry relating to a planning application.
  • User requirements and feasibility studies.

For details of some of the clients we have worked for, see our Case Studies. Please be aware that in general we do not broadcast who our clients are for the simple reason that most of the transactions that take place in our data rooms are of a confidential nature.

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