Document Scanning Services

Document Vault Systems offer a comprehensive document scanning service that can either be carried out on-site at your location:

  • We can scan any type of document from less than A4 in size up to A0, automatically detecting whether the document is in black and white, greyscale or full colour and adjusting the output accordingly.
  • We can handle single-sided and double-sided documents.
  • We can perform optical character recognition (OCR) on the scanned text and include this within the electronic version of the file (typically this will be a PDF file).

We use the most modern scanners: Our high volume A3/A4 scanners are capable of converting more than 75 pages per minute. Our A0 scanners can capture approximately 3 inches per second.

We take great care with any scanning job to make sure that we return the scanned documents to their original folders and that we use an indexing system that will enable you to find your documents quickly and easily.

For further information about any of our services, call us on 0800 221 0440 for a quick discussion or complete our online form to Request a Quotation.

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