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Document Vault Systems' virtual data room technology has been used in a wide range of applications. It is ideal in any situation where confidential data needs to be accessed via the web, particularly where business is transacted in multiple countries and time zones.

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  • Business Partner for Data Rooms - Excello Law have been using Document Vault data rooms for a variety of M&A projects enabling specific lawyers and other parties to securely access project documents.
  • Data Room for Sale of Client's Property Portfolio - Freedmans Law have been using DV data rooms for sharing documents between the owner of a property portfolio and potential buyers with the aim of generating a quick sale.
  • Secure Data Storage Facility for Local Government - Northampton Borough Council needed a secure data storage facility that enabled controlled access to a number of different organisations from any web-enabled platform.
  • Multiple Deal M&A Acquisition - in the healthcare sector, managed by Outset (UK) Limited.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions - for the sale of Hastings Direct, the fifth largest insurance broker in the UK, to IAG of Australia.
  • Corporate Information System - ReOrient Legal's own in-house system for sharing confidential information with regional offices and business associates worldwide.
  • Solar Energy Project - Solarfair needed a data room that could deal with very large data volumes, in excess of 25GB, and provide multi-tier access to the data room with admin centres overseeing third parties that needed to be unaware of each other.
  • Brightside Group Plc - Brightside needed an environment to host legal due diligence documentation which would allow anonymity to all accessing it.
  • SE Based Law Firm - This South East based law firm needed to set up a data room with little or no notice for a sales contract to complete.
  • Data Room Insurance Sector - This UK based insurance company wanted a sale with the potential buyers based in UK and USA.

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