Multi-user dataroom to store files for domestic solar properties

Solarfair supply solar panels for domestic users.

The Challenge

Solarfair needed a dataroom that could deal with very large data volumes, in excess of 25GB, and provide multi-tier access to the dataroom with admin centres overseeing third parties that needed to be unaware of each other.

This was achieved through a CTC dataroom.

What We Needed

Jon Owens, Operations Manager, said: "The scale of data needed for this project was, within 6 months, in excess of 25 GB. As such we needed large storage capacity that was straightforward to navigate and allowed for multiple users with different access levels".

What We Got

"Excellent functionality, a robust system and storage capacity sufficient to meet our needs".


"The main benefits for us were that all our 3rd parties were able to upload and manage their own suite of documents, whilst we had effective control."

The Service

"Document Vault provided exceptionally competent service throughout. Even as our needs evolved and we needed users added and removed this was completed rapidly and effectively."

The Result

"During the period of new solar installations we were able to view our contractors’ data additions and keep good control over our suite of documents."

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