Data room for sale of property portfolio

Our client wanted a quick sale for his property portfolio.

The Challenge

Freedmans LawElaine Hunter, Office Manager, said "The main challenge was to find a system that could allow access to multiple parties, none of whom should be aware of each other. Security was of paramount importance – we needed to control what the various interested parties could see. We also needed to be able to track what individual users had looked at.".

What We Needed

"We needed a system that would be available 24/7 for interested parties to access the information. It is also essential that we could limit what individual users could see to certain documents only".

What We Got

"The system met the needs of our firm and our clients."

The Benefits

"The main benefits from using the virtual data room were access for clients, agents and solicitors to access and download important documentation without the delay or file size limitation of email."

The Result

"The transaction was completed quickly, within budget and exceeded expectations."

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