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Getting your documents into the data room

The first task that faces most dataroom administrators is to get your documents into the dataroom.

The best way to do this is to create a local copy of your document tree and then upload this in bulk to your dataroom. In this way, your documents can be added quickly and easily.

It will help you and your dataroom users if you create an index of all your documents and store this together with your documents in the dataroom. In this way, the users will know where to find each document and will be able to browse through the document tree to view the relevant files.

It is worth knowing that when you add a document to the dataroom, its textual contents are indexed so that users can search for the documents by typing relevant words into a search form. Please note that when you scan your documents, you will need to scan to "searchable PDF" otherwise the files will not contain any searchable text.


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