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How much data storage do you need?

The decision over which data room product to buy can often come down to the answer to one question - "how much storage do we require?"

The answer to that question depends on how many files you have and how much file space they use up. For the majority of mergers and acquisition deals where files tend to be word processing documents, spreadsheets or PDF documents, 1GB of storage is usually more than enough. 1GB of storage corresponds to more than 20,000 pages of content or 10 arch-lever files.

Only where files are unduly large, perhaps where you have detailed digital maps, geophysical survey data or AutoCAD drawings will requirements go much above this. Of course, if you need to store audio, video or photographs, your storage requirements can increase dramatically.

Our entry level data room product comes with 1GB of storage as standard. Our other data room packages have enough storage generally to cover most uses. So if you choose the right package for your type of business, it will come with enough storage for the lifetime of its use.


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