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How secure is your data?

Your information is a valuable asset. You don't want to lose it nor do you want unauthorised people to access it. So you will want to know what measures we take to protect your data?

First of all, the dataroom software that we use to store your data is fully road tested and bug-free. It has been used for multiple online transactions each one of which required a high level of security.

The software runs on a server which is available 99.99% of the time, and the software and your data is backed up on a daily incremental basis. Our servers are UK based, one in Uxbbridge and one near Reading. They are housed in secure data centres with all the modern facilities including uninterrupted power supply (UPS), air conditioning etc. No one outside of the Document Vault VDR management team has root access to this server.

The server itself is protected by 256-bit secure socket layer encryption (SSL), protecting all data as it is transferred to and from the system.

Additionally all data is encrypted at rest, usig the latest industry standards.

We do not publish inbound links to our datarooms. So only the users that you send to the dataroom will have access to the facility.

Users of the Dataroom are first required to sign your “Terms and Conditions of Dataroom Use” and “Confidentiality Agreement” before being given access to the Dataroom. Once they have signed this they will be given a username and password unique to that person. Only the people that you send to this registration page will complete the sign up process. Notification of new users who have signed up will be sent to your designated Administrator by email.

Access to folders and files is controlled via Group permissions – you can control who can see which files in the Dataroom. If a file or folder is not intended to be viewed then the user will not be aware of its existence. You can also control what individual users can do, e.g.:

  • View or Download files
  • Write to the dataroom (upload files)
  • Create folders or rename them
  • Delete information
  • Manage Security

A full audit trail of documents viewed or downloaded is provided. You can see who has downloaded which documents and when.


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