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What can a data room be used for?

You are thinking "I need to manage my documents in a secure way" but you are not sure that a virtual data room will be suitable for what you need to do. What can I say that will reassure you?

The easiest thing to do is to answer this question from my own experience and tell you what our clients have used VDRs for. And the surprising thing is that we have seen them used in so many different ways that I can say with confidence that if you want to manage any type of document online then you can use a dataroom to do this. Let me elaborate...

...At Document Vault Systems the most common use of a VDR is to carry out due diligence on the sale of an asset or assets. Actually, it doesn't matter what the asset is - it can be a company for sale, an oil field, a plot of land or commercial or residential property. A data room is ideal for this kind of application as it allows you to control what users can see and do and provides a full audit trail of what they have viewed.

Less frequently, we see a data room being used for managing customer information such as order forms, credit applications and other relevant documentation. The common factor is that the data is confidential and needs to be protected from unauthorised access or copying.

Often also, there is a distinct workflow process involved in the set up and maintenance of the data. Where this is the case, the data room needs to fit in with existing practises in the organisation.


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