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Are you a UK law firm specialising in M&A?

If you are a UK law firm specialising in mergers and acquisitions, we would like to invite you to try Document Vault. We are a UK-based firm specialising in virtual data rooms with nearly twelve years' experience of providing a service.

We offer excellent pricing deals for one or more data rooms. Please phone 0808 221 0440 or contact us to ask about our UK Law Firm Packages.

Please read what our customers say about us.

We offer a fully managed service, looking after everything from initial data room set up, to adding documents to the data room (if required), to setting up user accounts and assigning access rights, to sending invitations and providing ongoing support. At the end of the deal, if requested, we will provide a complete copy of the data, checked and indexed, on encrypted USB drive and send this to the main parties.

We try to speak your language and understand how important it is to provide a prompt, efficient service, respecting the privacy of all parties involved, backed up by efficient technical support during and outside office hours.

We are here to make your M&A transaction to go smoothly, to do the work that you don't have time to do and make sure that all parties are satisfied.

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