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Receiving automatic alerts from your VDR

A question we frequently get asked is if there is a way of seeing which documents have been added to the data room over time?

In answer to this question, Document Vault provides two methods of alerting users of changes to the data room content:

  1. A list of Recent Documents is included on the Dashboard, as soon as you enter the data room. This list includes a list of the most recent documents added to the data room. It is simple and easy to navigate with links through to the actual files.
  2. An email alert which is sent to selected users or all users at a specified time each day, for example 9 a.m. These alerts will include a list of any documents which have been added, modified or deleted.

Receiving an email prompts the user that a particular document is ready to be viewed.

Please note users will only be able to access documents for which they have the correct privileges to view.


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