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Guaranteeing anonymity

In many M&A deals, all the users of the data room know each other so anonymity is not a requirement. However, this is not always the case. In those situations where users wish to remain anonymous to each other, a Document Vault data room provides the means to do this easily.

One of the reasons why our clients choose a data room to store their documents is that they require very tight controls over what users can do in the data room. Not only do they want to control what individuals can see in the data room, limiting them to a specific set of documents, in certain circumstances they also want to ensure that users are not aware of other users in the data room. This is certainly the case where more than one potential buyer is involved in the transaction.

In a Document Vault data room, this is achieved through the creation of user groups. Members of different user groups will not be aware of each other. In the event of multiple buyers, each will belong to its own user group. Additionally, the data room administrators will be able to view the full audit trail of what each individual has viewed.

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