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Restricting access to data

One of the main requirements of a virtual data room is to restrict access to individual files and folders to the extent that if a user is not intended to see a document, he or she shouldn't know it exists. It is also important that different parties accessing the data room should not be aware of each other.

The Document Vault data room provides complete control over who can see each document dependent on which User Group(s) they belong to.

It is possible to give two separate groups the same access rights to the same set of documents without the members of each group being aware of each other. Thus if you are seeking bids from two or more separate organisations, you can provide them with similar access to the data secure in the knowledge that they can not "see" each other.

This is what Jon Owens, Operations Manager at Solarfair said: "The scale of data needed for this project was, within 6 months, in excess of 25 GB. As such we needed large storage capacity that was straightforward to navigate and allowed for multiple users with different access levels".

This is what the CEO of a major insurance firm said: "We needed a system that would be available 24/7 for interested parties to access the information. It is also important that we could limit what individual users could see to certain documents only."

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