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Document Vault and GDPR

As providers of a cloud-based data storage service, you will want to know how Document Vault Systems handles personal data, where this data resides and who else if anyone has access to the information.

These are the main points for you to consider:

  1. All data are hosted in the UK in ISO 27001 and 9001 certified data centres.
  2. All data backups and server images also reside within the same UK data centres.
  3. Only Document Vault System Administrators have access to these servers.
  4. We do not work with sub contractors. As such we do not share any information we are given with third party companies or individuals.
  5. All data remain within the UK and are not shared with any organisation outside of the UK.
  6. All data stored within a Document Vault data room are encrypted at rest and during transfer to and from the secure website (by SSL).
  7. Whilst we may send emails to your authorised user list, we do not share this information with third parties, nor do we use the email addresses we are provided in any other way than to perform the tasks of inviting users to the data room and if required to provide support to those users.
  8. In administering the data room for you, we ask you to give consent for us to handle the personal data as outlined above.

If you have any other question about data protection or GDPR, please contact us.

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