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With an M&A data room, typically there are two main parties involved in the transaction: the selling side and the buyers. With a property data room there can be multiple parties or individuals involved on the buying side, none of whom should be aware of each other.

A Document Vault data room provides the tools to ensure that all buyers have access to the property information they require whilst ensuring that other buyers interested in the same properties are unaware of their existence.

A typical case study involved the sale of four hotels owned by a major hotel chain. Some buyers had access to all properties. Others just had access to a single property. All four hotels were sold using the secure data room.

In summary, with a property data room:

  • property data roomMultiple buyers can access the same information concurrently without being aware of each other.
  • You have full control over what individual users can see. If a file or folder is not intended to be viewed by a particular user then he/she will not be aware of its existence.
  • You can sell multiple properties or assets within a single data room.
  • There is a complete audit trail of what each user has viewed.

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