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Organising your documents in the data room

A virtual data room is a sophisticated tool for managing your documents in a secure online facility. You can of course upload your documents on an ad hoc basis, however the best results are achieved through a little forward planning and offline preparation.

Organising your documents into a hierarchical folder structure will provide the logical basis for quick and easy navigation of the documents later on. This is best done before you add the documents to the data room. Additionally, creating a numbered index will significantly improve the communication between users when discussing the content of documents in the data room.

Once you have defined the overall folder structure, additional documents can be added as and when required, fitting naturally into the agreed hierarchy.

You will already have an index of the documents you wish to share. The data room maintains a dynamic index, which will correspond exactly with your own index, once all documents have been uploaded.

Please request to see our due diligence demo if you would like to see how this might look. The demo uses "dummy" data to illustrate how the hierarchical folder structure might look.

Please note that Document Vault offers a completely managed service which can include the preparation and upload of your documents, should you require this. For further information, please phone 0808 221 0440.

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