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Document Vault's ethos is on building strong client relationships and providing a high quality service to all our clients. In this way we hope to be asked to provide additional services and to have you recommend us to your business contacts and friends.

It is common these days for a company asking about our services to request a reference from one or more of the companies who have used our service, We are happy to do this. Please note we will always check first that the person concerned is willing and able to do so.

On this website, we are fortunate to be able to provide a list of some of the companies who have used our service, many of whom continue to do so. So please browse through the list of case studies to see what they say. In some cases, the name of the company has been removed, since we guarantee a confidential service, which means we will not disclose that you are our client to anyone.

Excello Law
Freedmans Law
Brightside Group
Hastings Direct
Northampton Borough Council
Outset UK
ReOrient Legal

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