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Restricting access to documents

By its very a nature, an M&A transaction is confidential, requiring careful control over the flow of information between the seller and its advisors and the potential buyer. Providing immediate access to all the documents in the data room is not always the best recipe for success. A gradual flow of information can yield a positive result.

In Document Vault, this is achieved via a permissions-based system for controlling access to folders and documents. If a user is not intended to see a folder, he/she will not know it exists. Giving access to that folder at a later date is easily achieved by changing the permissions on the folder.

In addition to controlling access to folders and documents, some transactions require a very high level of control over user visibility in the data room. Particularly if a deal involves more than one potential buyer, ensuring the anonymity of the buyers is essential.

In a Document Vault data room, this is achieved through the creation of user groups. Members of different user groups will not be aware of any user from any other group unless they are also a  member of that group. In the event of multiple buyers, each will belong to its own user group. Where each buyer is an individual, each individual will have its own group.

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